Benefits of Laser Wrinkle Reduction

Laser wrinkle reduction is a cosmetic treatment that results in smooth, young skin that looks healthy and vibrant. Lasers are used for various treatments including hair removal, treating spider veins on the skin, in skin rejuvenation, removing fat deposits and removing wrinkles.

Wrinkles are a common part of aging skin. During aging, the skin loses its flexibility and moisture retaining capacity. This causes the skin to wrinkle and sag. Wrinkles also form due to damage from exposure to the sun, smoking, alcohol consumption and a gradual reduction in the collagen over the years. An unhealthy diet and sleep loss can also result in wrinkles.

For wrinkle reduction, the laser is considered very effective especially with fine lines. The laser works on the top layer of the skin, removing it, helping the fresh new layer under it to resurface. The laser’s heat triggers the production of collagen which keeps the skin firm, smooth and wrinkle-free.

The main benefits of laser wrinkle removal are:

  • Since it is non-surgical and non-invasive, the treatment is quick and painless
  • No anesthesia is used
  • The laser does not cause blisters or wounds, eliminating the chances of infection
  • It encourages the growth of collagen which fills out the wrinkles
  • You can feel the results within a month of treatment
  • It reduces and gets rid of wrinkles
  • Can be done on the whole face or specific parts
  • This treatment is less expensive compared to surgical methods like facelifts and injections
  • Safe for all skin types although the best results are seen for lighter skin.
  • Does not cause bruising, burning or irritation
  • The results are long-lasting, for as many as five years
  • Improves the skin’s anti-aging properties

Different types of lasers such as carbon dioxide laser, N-Lite laser, NDYag and Erbium laser may be used in laser wrinkle reduction, depending on the doctor and the treatment involved. Each of these is used for specific purposes and involves different recovery periods.

Laser treatment is ideal for minor skin flaws like wrinkles around the mouth, crow’s feet around the eyes, forehead, mild acne, scars or discolored skin. This treatment is not recommended for those undergoing treatment for active acne. Although it has its limitations, laser wrinkle reduction is currently an attractive method to eliminate facial wrinkles. Some people experience mild side effects when the laser goes deeper into the skin as it results in inflammation, scarring and infections. To avoid this, it is important to find a good laser treatment specialist who has the skills, training and experience to do it effectively.

The best starting point is to get in touch with a reputed physician who can educate you about the risks and rewards of laser wrinkle reduction based on your specific skin type and problem to be addressed. After a clinical examination, the physician will be able to recommend the options available to you based on which you can decide.

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